Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Travelling Jaloburys

I have had the luck to travel a bit lately, I was in October in lovely Ireland, mostly in Dublin, and last week I spent a holiday in Gran Canaria. Here's the best fotos of the most interesting places and things I met on the road:

******* Ireland******* A huge celtic cross. Dublin's old city walls dating back to 1240: Behind me is the haunted 40 steps (scary). Ireland is all green&beautiful. I visited the Newgrange (Brú na Bóinne), it's 5000 years old, even older than the pyramids, woaah! I'm taking a closer hands on look on the engravings. And of course I had to pop in a couple of pubs :) Pub food is very good!

******* Gran Canaria******* I visited a heart warming Cocodrilo Park, a private wild life rescue center and zoo in Gran Canaria. The park is also taking care of mistreated exotic animals. The animals are so amazing. There were owls and hawks. The first one is the barn owl, my favorite since the Jim Henson's movie 'Labyrint'. Also different pretty parrots and big cats such as this leopard and Bengal tigers. I met a lot of crocodiles, the big one is a Nile crocodile that is over 5,2 meters long and weights over a 1000 kgs. Big croco indeed!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Clay Crawlers

I watched the Galactica season 3 on the Christmas holiday so now I'm definitely in alien/space mood. :) Here's a short glimpse of the lives and times of the distant clay planet dwellers.

The planet used to be a nice place, not a boiling rock facing the fate of being eaten by the neighbour star systems (wow I'm pro in stellar stuff- not!). A flaming giant meteorite crashed the planet thousand of years ago. Due the low oxygen levels the intelligent, highly civilized colony that inhabited the planet turned with the speeded up evolution these slow and sluggish clay crawlers.

The only reminiscence of the heyday of the intelligent culture is the slowly deteriorating humidity tanks on the backs of these creatures - the iron relics made by the last generation of intelligent individuals of the race, knowing their descendants would lose their mind and their lives also without these tanks on their backs pumping the precious liquids to their bodies. It's too sad that the final of the tanks are now so rusty that it's only a matter of time when the last clay crawler sees the red hot sky and the twin suns.